Greater Profits On The Horizon




For dealers with a desire to earn the highest profit available from the underwriting profit and investment income derived from the sale of vehicle service contracts. Owning a Reinsurance Company has many additional benefits such as Tax Shelters, Estate Planning and Key Employee Retention.
  • Full turn-key operation
  • Formation of the company
  • Management of the company
  • Monthly risk analysis
  • Quarterly reporting
  • Yearly tax returns

Excess Wear & Tear

Provides customers with protection against lease-end expenses. Eligible on lease terms as low as 12 months up to a maximum of 72 months. Coverage up to $5,000.

Theft Protection

When properly presented, Theft Programs can generate a surprisingly high amount of income to the dealership due to the low cost and high volume.

Pre-Paid Maintenance

Want to increase your chances of selling another car to your existing customers up to 76%? Offer custom pre-paid maintenance at a discount so your customers have a reason to come to you instead of going to your competitor or a quick lube. PPM has also become a very popular Service Drive item because it is easy and quick for your service writers to offer.

Key Replacement

Given the raising costs for replacement keys, this product offers insurance for lost or damaged keys.

Lifetime Powertrain

A product designed to give you an advertising edge in your market through an exclusive territory arrangement. Dealers see increased floor traffic, higher closing ratios, and greater service retention.

Vehicle Service Contracts

We feature three opportunities to earn back-end profit from the sale of Extended Service Contracts.

Reinsurance - CFC or NCFC

For dealers with a desire to earn the highest profit available from the underwriting profit and investment income derived from the sale of extended service contracts. Reinsurance has other benefits such as long term tax planning and the opportunity to cede more than just VSC's.

Retrospective - (Retro)

Designed for the dealer who wants to earn underwriting profit and investment income. Our program is easy to qualify for and has none of the pitfalls as other programs. We can structure the program so you start receiving your first check 45 days after your first month of contract submission.

Equity Now ®

Designed for dealers that prefer to have their future profit now.

GAP Protection

Retail GAP has begun to be recognized by many Lenders and Manufacturers. This is a desired product in F&I Departments especially due to the low cost and high profit margins.

Complete Protection

A great product for lease and retail. You can choose basic or comprehensive coverage which makes the product more appealing to customers.

Tire and Wheel

Coverage with this product due to the high frequency of claims. Exclusions will create more claims denials. Our coverage is extremely comprehensive and covers curb damage, sidewalls damage, and cosmetic damage on most wheels.

Paint & Fabric

Due to the increasing awareness of the environmental damages to the paint on cars today, paint and fabric product is an extremely profitable after sell product for dealers. Our selling methods will assure very high penetrations. We offer brand recognition with 3M, or basic coverage.