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F&I Resources was founded in 1993 by Jason Bayko. It began as a small company focused on providing F&I products and personalized training to a small group of clients in NH, MA and VT.

Over the past 28 years, the company has grown to a cohesive team of nineteen people including 2 Regional Sales Managers, 1 Regional Trainer, 1 Business Development Manager, 6 Account Executives, and 7 office support personnel. Due to the tremendous talent and commitment of our team, we have successfully grown the company to roughly 250 dealerships and have expanded into 11 States throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. During this tremendous growth, products have been added but our focus shifted to partnering with stable, best in class carriers due to the instability and several VSC bankruptcies in the early 90's. All while remaining focused on personalized training and support. In 2010 we expanded our training and development to include sales management, process improvement and sales force training.

In September of 2018, F&I Resources was acquired by Brown & Brown, Inc. After careful consideration, Jason and Bob decided that Brown & Brown offered a unique opportunity to gain access to additional insurance products that could help grow the company and add value to our existing clients. Brown & Brown, Inc. is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange with offices located throughout the United States. Click here to read the official press release.

We are very proud of the long term relationships we have with our Insurance carriers with our core relationships dating back over 10 years. Most years we have finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd in production and overall performance as evidenced by our numerous posted awards and frequent recognition in Automotive News.

AFIP Certified F&I Professionals

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In addition to the tremendous team that has been built, we have also grown our company to become a leader in the field of reinsurance and customized dealer participation programs and currently manage over 75 extremely successful reinsurance companies for our dealers. To manage our companies, our CFO is a CPA with over 25 years of automobile experience. Our CFO is responsible for auditing all of the production, preparing cession statements, auditing bank statements and prepares the annual tax returns.

The company started out with a vision of providing the best personalized and consistent service to our dealers and through the years earned many referrals from existing dealers.

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